Friday, September 16, 2011

Victory Step on the News!

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On September 14th, Fox 4 News ran a story about an alarming trend in Texas testing. Across the state, the average SAT scores have dropped 3 points in Math, 5 points in Reading, and 8 points in Critical Reading, bringing them to a combined score of 1446 (out of 2400).

While this problem has many causes, including the reduced resources in public schools and the growing number of students taking the test, Victory Step is taking measures to ensure that everyone is able to get the training they need in order to tackle this daunting test including SAT classes and private tutoring. The Fox 4 News story entered the class of one Victory Step instructor, Devon Earle, to discuss how an SAT test prep course helps students gain an even footing with students who perhaps have more resources in their schools to help with college prep and college-level AP courses.

With the growing number of students in Texas schools, more of them are not getting the individualized attention that is necessary to remain competitive on a standardized test such as the SAT. At Victory Step, each student gets training in the specific sections of the test which they need the most improvement, and results are measured across 4 full-length practice tests taken under simulated test conditions. This helps the students reinforce the subjects they already know while allowing them to bring up their scores on the sections they feel most challenged in, even as the relative strength of the student in each section changes over the duration of the course. Practice tests and instructor feedback help provide reassessment of each student’s strengths and weaknesses on the test.

With the Victory Step promise, any student who takes the time to practice and learn from our instructors is guaranteed a 200 point increase between their first test and their final test. This guarantee helps students take the real SAT with the confidence that they know how they will be able to perform on test day. By using the techniques mentioned above, Victory Step is working hard to fight against this alarming drop in average SAT scores.

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