Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Thanksgiving Poem about Test Prep

 Be thankful for questions whose phrasing provides
the answers to earlier questions inside;

for topics you’re certain will improve your score
because you reviewed them an hour before;

for the lightness of traffic, a moderate wait,
and the timer beginning a little bit late;

for problems you know how to do in your sleep.
Be thankful your neighbors don’t make a peep;

for a pencil that’s sharp, a bubble that’s black,
and a polymer chair with a comfortable back;

for writing the ultimate word of your essay,
just as the proctor says “Pencils away.”

Be thankful for turkey and rolls on your plate,
and for holiday blog posts, one week too late.

From all of us over at Victory Step,
may your holidays function like SAT prep:

may they be easier than they appear,
and be they the gateway to a very good year.

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