Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Victory Step Advantage

At Victory Step, we believe that every student is unique with individual strengths and abilities. In our programs, through our instructors, curriculum, and strategies, we tap those strengths and build on them. At the same time, we identify and work on students' weaknesses to achieve maximum results. We reinforce fundamentals and bolster smart test-taking techniques and problem-solving skills in our students by using what we call the 'Victory Approach'- an intelligent approach towards learning. We do so by making our learning environment fun, stimulating, and rewarding. It is thus no surprise that we operate at a 96% customer satisfaction rate.


Victory Step was built on the principle that quality education is something that every child deserves, and that high quality education should not come at exaggerated costs. Through innovative processes and cost-savings at Victory Step, we have been able to design and sustain high-quality programs that provide exceptional education to all students.

Program Features:

Our programs were designed with a vision to ensure student success. There are various features that help us stand out as a company that is dedicated to that purpose. Both our classroom programs as well as private tutoring programs start out with a world-class curriculum and teaching methodology. We offer scholarships and deep discounts to needy students, to make sure that we stand by our founding principles.


Victory Step has been delivering consistent results since its inception. Our students have been scoring higher and better on their SAT and ACT tests, and with amazing improvements. Over 75% of our students that took the SAT in May ended up with higher than 150 point improvement, making us one of the most successful test prep companies in DFW.

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