Friday, May 6, 2011

The day of the exam - May 7th SAT

For students taking the SAT on May 7th -

After weeks of preparation and months of stress, it all comes down to one Saturday morning. Just those few hours. It can be so easy to let the nervousness get rid of all the preparation and fill the mind with anxiety. For that reason, it is important to take the few days before the SAT exam slow and to keep the mind healthy and relaxed.

There is nothing more tempting than to try and soak up as much vocabulary and as many strategies as possible the night before the test. It makes me feel like I've accomplished something. Instead, this only helps to stress out the mind, making it difficult to recall information that was once safely stored away in the brain. Rather than stressing out the night before the SAT, it can be more beneficial to take a nice bath, watch a funny movie, and go to bed at a decent hour. I can say from unfortunate experience, there is no need to go to bed at an oddly early hour because then you’ll just end up laying in bed, and stress yourself out needlessly.
The SAT exam can be an enormous event. So much planning goes into it. So much thought, so much effort. Then, it can be over before you even realize it. The satisfaction that can come from a good SAT score is unbelievable. Every hour spent planning, every practice test taken, every vocabulary term all seems to be worth it. Therefore, it is crucial not to let a little anxiety take this away.
The stress of the SAT exam for some can make it difficult to even take a bite of breakfast. Trust me, you will need all the energy you can get. A healthy breakfast keeps the mind working at a good pace and allows you to make it through all the sections with ease. Also, the SAT is almost like a workout for the brain, so it can be helpful to bring a snack for one of the breaks. Go easy on the water before and during the exam though, for obvious reasons.
Most importantly, you must bring along a little bit of confidence. It is the secret ingredient that takes the score up a considerable amount. Confidence is an important strategy that could really make the difference.

The SAT Day Checklist

1. Plenty of #2 pencils and erasers

2. Appropriate calculator with extra batteries

3. Photo ID/Admission ticket

4. Directions to testing site

5. Water bottle/snacks

6. A jacket (wear layers depending on the temperature of the room)

7. A watch


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