Friday, March 18, 2011

Victory Step's Relief Campaign for Earthquake Survivors

A massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake has hit Japan, triggering a deadly tsunami. Japanese media report that the death toll is rising and thousands are missing. It is the worst earthquake to hit Japan in at least a century and has sparked dozens of fires, including in more than 30 buildings in Tokyo and an oil refinery near the city.You've seen the heart-wrenching images of Japan's cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami. Entire villages have been swept away. Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced.

Mercy Corps is working with our longstanding partner, Peace Winds, to help families affected by the disaster. Your donation will be used to meet immediate and longer-term needs of earthquake survivors.

Thank you!

Please note: All donations made through this fundraising page will go to Mercy Corps' Help Survivors of Japan's Earthquake Fund. Please report any statements to the contrary on this page to us.

Please visit here to donate!

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