Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Victory Step's SAT Test Prep has made a difference!

Victory Step’s SAT test preparation has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of students in the Dallas Metropolitan Area. Recently, Victory Step has expanded to include ACT preparation and Academic tutoring that students can take advantage of. This blog shares the impact of the Victory Step difference with some of its students, who benefitted from Victory Step’s innovative, affordable and personal instruction.

Mrs. Nguyen from Mansfield, TX wrote:

“My son took your private tutoring course this past August-September. He had scored a 1780 when he took the SAT test in May 2010. He took the SAT test this past October, and scored a 2090!!!!! He increased his score by 310 points!!! We are both so happy that your course was available to him. He really liked the instruction, and scored a 750 on the math portion.”

She also asked, “Will you be offering your course before this May’s SAT? My daughter will be taking that test, and I would like to sign her up for your class. Please let me know if there is a class available.”

I’m really excited to see her score go up by a few more points!

Mr. Kumar from Lewisville, TX:

“Many thanks to you for offering this private tutoring package. As a parent, I must tell you that this SAT preparation option made a huge difference for us, in view of our scheduling needs and transportation constraints. The timing of this program was precisely what we needed, as well. Kudos on a well planned, affordable service.

Adam N, Student from Plano West High School wrote:

“I just wanted to say thank you for the SAT prep class. It really helped me a lot. Because of your help, I received a score of 1860 on my SAT. This is a lot higher than I expected on my first attempt at the SAT.

With the addition of ACT preparation and Academic Tutoring, the impact of the Victory Step difference continues to grow!

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